ShowerGuard, Protects Shower Enclosure Glass, Plano, TX

custom glass shower stall You'll never worry about shower glass being damaged by humidity, hard water, soaps, or other environmental factors; with Guardian's ShowerGuard glass, your shower will stay beautiful with only minimal cleaning.
A Special, Unique Glass
ShowerGuard is a completely different type of glass that's protected during the manufacturing process with a patented ion beam technology. This process seals the glass surface permanently against corrosive damage.

Hard water with dissolved minerals and silica can build up on shower glass over time, even corrode the glass, reacting with chemicals in cleaners and soaps to form spots which make glass look cloudy and dirty. ShowerGuard's patented technology resists corrosion so your glass remains beautifully clear - regardless of water mineralization.

Watch the video ShowerGuardTM On National TV
Watch this short video report from 'Designing Spaces' with up-close scenes and their interview about ShowerGuard's ability to protect shower glass. (approximately 8 minutes)

ShowerGuardTM Resists Pesky Soap Scum
When shower glass is corroded by exposure to harsh chemicals and minerals such as calcium and magnesium in bath water, it develops small cavities in the glass which can trap and hold soap scum and scale. ShowerGuard effectively inhibits these tiny crevices from forming, thus preventing unsightly and difficult to remove soap scum.

ShowerGuard Shower Glass

Available in Clear, SatinDeco, and SuperWhite, ShowerGuard glass options enable homeowners to customize a luxurious shower enclosure for their home's bathroom - without having to commit to a lifetime of heavy-duty cleaning and maintenance.

ShowerGuardTM glass is easy to clean too - using non-abrasive, common household cleansers and a wet sponge or soft cloth - followed by a clean water rinse. You can learn more about this incredibly useful and time-saving material by clicking here. (PDF)

Lifetime Limited Warranty
Your ShowerGuardTM glass comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against corrosion, discoloration, or visible staining - for as long as you own and maintain the shower enclosure where it was originally installed. To get coverage for your shower, register your purchase with ShowerGuard - and see Guardian's website for more details.

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